Gay Pegeants Outline and Thesis Statement

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  • Topic: LGBT, Gay, Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures
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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Captivating the aesthetic essence of unconventional beauties


Glenn Jushua N. Quijano

English 12 (MW 9:00-10:30am)

Mr. Wilzen du Bermoy

7 January 2013

Thesis: Gay pageants should be integrated into modern society because it can empower the gay community, promote equal rights, and discourage sexual discrimination. I. Introduction
A. Startling quote
B. History of gay pageants
C. Prejudice to the gay community
1. Refusal of homosexuality
2. Bias difference of treatment between women and homosexuals 3. Underestimation of gay pageants
D. Significance of my research
1. Promoting the relevance of gay pageants
2. Supporting the gay community
II. Body
A. How gay pageants empower the gay community
1. Development of self-esteem
2. A difference of society’s outlook on homosexuality
3. Showing importance of the presence of homosexuals in the community
B. How gay pageants promote equal rights to the gay community
1. Proving the ability of homosexuals in contributing to the community
2. Trying to be at par with the standards of regular beauty pageants
3. Showcasing the rights of the gay community
a. Right to freedom of speech and expression
b. Right to live in a safe community
C. How gay pageants discourage sexual discrimination
1. Proving their diverse intellect
2. Showcasing their wide range of talents
3. Demonstrating their ability to change the standard of the society
a. Reaching out to the victims of bullying
b. Showing their leadership to the society
III. Conclusion
A. Restating thesis statement
B. Learnings
C. Personal Insights
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