Gay Parenting

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Gay Parenting
Gay parenting without a doubt is an issue in America. Parenting can be a complex task regardless if the parents are heterosexual or homosexual. If children of gays and lesbians are different it is because it more relates to how they are raised versus the sexual orientation of their parents. Gay parenting should not be considered an ethical issue because gays and lesbians can provide a stable environment for children; they can provide a two parent household and in spite of a parent’s sexual orientation it is unrelated to their ability to raise a child.

David Crary a writer for the Associated Press reports that gay and lesbian families are gaining legal and cultural recognition. These alternative families while still opposed are showing progress in having the same family rights as their counter parts. With the ability to have domestic partnerships gay and lesbian families are able to provide medical, educational and social benefits that heterosexual families are entitled to. E.J Graff author of “Homosexuals Should Have Greater Parental Rights” appearing in The American Prospect 13 reported that homosexual parents need more legal protection in family courts. Graff contends that such inequality in the law is unjustified because gay and lesbian couples raise children that are as well-adjusted as the children of heterosexuals. The American Psychological Association “Resolution on Sexual Orientation, Parent and Children,” states that “results of research suggest that lesbian and gay parents are as likely as heterosexual parents to provide supportive and healthy environments for their children…” Domestic partnership benefits can include medical and dental insurance, parental leave for the co parent, housing and educational benefits, and sick and bereavement leave for families. These benefits which seem so expected to heterosexuals are seen as a celebrated improvement to homosexual families.

Families with two mothers or two fathers may...
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