Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal

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  • Published : April 28, 2011
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Should Homosexual marriage be illegal? Well, some would argue that homosexuality has been around since before Jesus Christ himself was born. True as that may be, and as widely accepted as it was and still is, homosexual marriage was condemned. There are many good reasons why Homosexual marriage should be illegal and is immoral all together, as stated in the BIBLE Romans 1:26-27

People are getting hurt by the ideals that promote homosexuality. These ideals not only lure more and more young adults to try-out homosexual behavior, which also makes the struggle more difficult for gays who want to leave that lifestyle; because by definition, according to Robert A.F. Gagnon, Ph.D. author of Why “Gay Marriage” is Wrong, homosexual desire is sexual narcissism or sexual deception. There is either One, a conscious recognition that one desires in another what one already is and has as a sexual being (anatomy, physiology, sex-based traits) or Two, a self-delusion of sorts in which the sexual same is perceived as some kind of sexual other. I perceive this to be my truth in this matter based on my own religious beliefs. The negative effects are significant indeed, but the most vivid impact will fall upon our children, and their children, and so on. That is because gay marriage will change the way future generations think about homosexuality and marriage itself. Ironically, this would also hurt homosexuals, as stated by Kenneth Zucker a psychologist at the Clark Institute of addiction and mental health, in Toronto Canada. In my opinion, given the seriousness of health consequences of gay behavior, we would be an unloving nation to approve of it. We would be allowing mankind to destroy themselves and would be encouraging them to do so. Now if you want to take a more contemptuous approach to it, allow natural selection to rid all the weak minded, ignorant, and the sick. Sick is not an over exaggeration of homosexuality either. Genetic research has isolated dozens of genetic...
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