Gay Marriage: Moral or Immoral?

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sexual orientation Pages: 7 (2215 words) Published: September 29, 2011

Gay Marriage
Moral or Immoral?
William Hadley
SOC 1120: Intro. to Ethics and Social Responsibility
Christine Villasenor
July 11, 2011
Ashford University

Marriage has been an important institution throughout the centuries. In the United States, most adults are married and live with their spouses. (Marriage. (2010) It is common knowledge, however, that the number of “traditional” marriages have declined in the last century and same sex marriages have increased over the last few decades. (Marriage. (2010). Homosexuality is attraction to people of the same sex. (Weinberg, World Book. July 11, 2011) Homosexual men are commonly called gay and homosexual women are known as lesbians. Due to the rise in same sex relationships, gay marriages, or same sex marriages, have increased significantly as an alternative lifestyle in society as we know it today. This is an ethical issue that leaves much room for debate. There are many people who are opposed to this “type of relationship” today, however, there are also many people who are impartial and choose not to pass judgment upon others that would choose this lifestyle. Gay marriage, in my opinion, is not natural and I do not agree with this type of lifestyle. Ethically speaking, the theory of deontology could be used to explain why this act may be considered “morally wrong” to some and “acceptable” to others. Deontology is a theory that looks at the reason for which an act is done and the rule to which one chooses to act. This theory does not deny that actions have consequences but rather the consequences of this act should not have any bearing in one’s moral evaluation of such an act. (Mosser, (2010). para. 1.7) Relativism is the idea that one’s beliefs or values are considered right or wrong based on their own society, culture, or even their own beliefs. (Mosser, (2010). para. 1.8) Based on these theories, it is my belief that because of the Gay Rights Movements and several states allowing gay marriage to be legalized that this GAY MARRIAGE 3 type of behavior could be considered “ethically correct” because our culture now accepts gay and lesbian relationships as an alternative lifestyle that is “acceptable” in our society as we know it today.

Homosexuality has existed for years throughout history. Most experts feel there are several different variables that determine sexual orientation. “Sexual orientation” is a term frequently used to describe a person’s romantic, emotional, or sexual attraction to another person. (American Psychiatric Association. Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives.) Many experts believe that hormones and/or social and/or psychological factors have a huge bearing on the sexual preferences of different individuals. Also, children that are raised by a homosexual parent will tend to accept this type of relationship as normal and will be more likely to engage in homosexual acts themselves. (Weinberg, World Book. July 11, 2011.) Sexual orientation, however, is not the same as gender identity. Gender identity refers to whether someone believes that he/she is male or female and sexual orientation is used to describe whether someone is attracted to men, women, or both. (American Psychiatric Association. Healthy Minds. Healthy Lives.)

About 2.5 million couples get married every year and about 1 million of those couples end up getting divorced. (Marriage. (2010). It is common knowledge that mixed-race marriages are more prevalent today than ever before as are same sex marriages. In the U.S., there are no federal marriage laws and each...
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