Gay Marriage Is an Illustration of the Society Diversifying and Negative Stereotypes Becoming Irrelevant

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  • Published : December 1, 2011
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GAY MARRIAGE IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF SOCIETY DIVERSIFYING AND NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES BECOMING IRRELEVANT This essay attempts to analyze the idea of gay marriage and how this type of union can be seen or not as an illustration of social diversity, which can tend to the elimination of negative stereotypes to a point that they become irrelevant. This essay will approach the topic above mentioned, examining some of the arguments that people have given in order to support gay marriage and on the other hand, some of the ideas given to criticize this type union. A diversified society is, under the perspective of this essay, that which has different people in it, with different ideologies, different coloured-skin and, in this specific case, different sexual orientation. In this context, gay marriage is seen by some people as an illustration of a more evolved society, where the idea of homogeneity has been left in the past. Legalizing gay marriage would imply that all people would have to, at least, tolerate it as an expression of heterogeneity in society. The legal status of gay marriage across the world is very broad. One can find countries where gay marriage is permitted, for example: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. In other countries, special legal permission is required in order for two gay people to get married. Brazil is a good example of this. In a third category, we can find those countries, which do not recognize the existence of gay marriage, allowing just heterosexual couples to get married by law, for example: Chile. Finally, and in the other extreme, there are countries in which life imprisonment and even death penalty will be applied to those who declare to be gay or who behave in a way that those societies considers as “Homosexual” actions. Examples of this are countries as Uganda and other African countries. For some people, gay marriage does not only help to make society more...
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