Gay Marriage

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Moeneya McCall

Gay Marriage
The thoughts on gay marriage, comes to many individuals mind. Should it or should it not be legal? Is the government going to let gay marriage be legal, is also a concern for others. There are billions of people wanting to legalize gay marriage. Rather others do not think gay marriage should be allowed at all. Gay marriage to me is the same as any other marriage. Is gay marriage worth fighting for? Several people wish they can just experience their own way of love. But, they feel like they can’t because so many people disagree with same sex marriage. Gay’s are willing to fight for gay marriage rights. Also people who are not gay also want the gays to be able to experience their love any way they want. But there are always certain people that will not tolerate gay marriage at all. Megan Mcardle is a big source in talking about gay marriage. She believes that marriage is awesome. She thinks that gay people will soon be able to get married throughout the United States, and that it will be good for them. Megan is happy to think of loving gay couples settling down into the profound and wonderful banality of legal matrimony. Daniel Gilbert, he is one of the nation’s leading happiness researchers. One of the points he makes in his great book, “Stumbling on Happiness” is that a human’s brain will actively craft happiness out of any situation we can’t change. Once we have accepted that we can’t change it, the brain goes to work figuring out reasons why it is really great. However, at one point he got into a conversation about this with someone who said “so marriage is not something you do to single your commitment and love, it is something you do to create the commitment and the love.” Gilbert said, “That is why the fight is for gay marriage, not gay civil unions or gay private marriage contracts. And, that is why he thinks that we should be fighting harder for heterosexual marriage as well. He also adds, “Perhaps I am...
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