Gay Marriage

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Gihanni Groshomme
Mrs. Carrie Wells
Communications 1
Gay Marriage and Equality

The homosexual lifestyle has been observed in every species, but is rejected by one, the human race. Gay marriage is a controversial topic in our world today, and there are many benefits in legalizing it. What is marriage? It is the social institution under which a man and woman (a man in this case) establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments. First of all, gay marriage will have a positive impact on the government. Secondly, gay marriage is supposed to be protected by the constitutions commitments to liberty and equality. Lastly, marriage provides physical and psychological health. To begin with, there would be a plethora of benefits to our government if gay marriages were to be legalized. Also, weddings are already a $70 billion a year business. When someone gets married, they usually have weddings. Weddings create all sorts of profit. The local and even the state governments will benefit from marriage licenses. Resorts, where the marriage is going to be held at, will get booked and paid, and expensive hotel rooms will be rented. Restaurants and clothing stores will see an increase in revenue. Who doesn’t like to eat? Vacationing spots will get will also see an increase in profit from couples going on honeymoons. If the marriage is successful and the couple is happy, they will be caring of one another. When people in a relationship want to show that they care, they spend money on little surprise presents here and there, restaurant meals or simply a fun time out. All this money being spent will be good for the economy. As the marriage progresses, partners will start to want to raise children. This can be solved in two ways. First, since a gay couple, consisting of 2 males, will not be able to reproduce, there is an option where they have they choose a female who will allow them to impregnate her with the use of a turkey baster,...
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