Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Love, Sexual orientation Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: March 6, 2013
In “What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage,” Katha Pollitt discusses there is nothing wrong with gay marriage. The three reasons Pollitt believes there is nothing wrong with gay marriage are about not having children, not civilizing men and marriage evolving. Pollitt is right; there is nothing wrong with gay marriage because of equal rights, increased adoption rates, and decreased youth suicide. One reason there is nothing wrong with gay marriage is equal rights, which is so important in showing everyone is equal. For example, Dan is wanting to marry his boyfriend. One night, he asked his boyfriend out on a romantic dinner date. They have their appetizer and main course. Before the dessert came out Dan got down on one knee and proposed. His boyfriend said yes I will marry you. The next day he tells his best friend that his boyfriend said yes. The best friend is having her wedding in two weeks and he is the best man. He and his boyfriend go to city hall to get a marriage license, but they get denied. As the example shows, he could not help who he fell in love with and being denied to marry his love is not equal. Equal rights have a part in gay marriage because a man can marry a women he loves; if he falls in love with another man and its denied how is that equal. The second reason there is nothing wrong with gay marriage is increase adoption rates, which means more children have families. For example, Zack wants to add a child to the family. One day, he told his husband about what he wanted. They talked about the idea for hours weighing the pros and cons. They went to the adoption agency the next day. They decided to go for the domestic newborn adoption that cost twenty thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars. They went through the two year process and paid all expenses. As the example shows, he increased the adoption rate a little by adopting a child. The adoption rate increases in gay marriage because most straight people can have children so they don’t adopt...
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