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Topics: Conceptions of self, Self-concept, Self Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Self concept is invloved in our cognative develoment,and can be both naturally developed and nuturley molded as we grow up and go through expierances.It is how we see ourself and the efficancy,esteem,groups we see ourself in,how we make ourself look,and also what we wish to apear as and be.Body image is part of the self image factor of self concept and is important because it can effect other areas of self concept such as self esteem.In this project i will be focusing on gender differnces in the concept of ourself regarding to body image

In this project i will be analyzing and comparing expermients on body image and concept within genders.Previous experiments and researches have shown gender differnces in results and common results are that girls have a more negative self concept than boys and are more likely to think low of themself and what they are capable of.In a class study,an estimate of 18 students including my self surveyed one boy and one girl with structured questions on the concept of their body image with the hypsnosies that girls would be more negative and unhappy about there body image than boys.The independent variable were the questions asked and the dependend variable was the gender differnces.The results were that boys answered questions more postivly and there was a clear gender differnce in the self concept of body image. this isnt finished i just want on the fucking site
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