Gay and Lesbian Adoption

Topics: Homosexuality, Adoption, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Gay and Lesbian Adoption
Gay and lesbian adoption is a serious, yet controversial subject. It has become a major issue in our society. In certain states, homosexuals can adopt children just like any other married or single adult. A person’s freedoms should protect the rights of gays and lesbians to adopt children when they meet the same standards for parenting and home environment as heterosexual couples (Driscoll and Stingl). Today over 520,000 children are in foster care and 127,000 of those children are available to be adopted according to the North American Council of Adoption Children in St. Paul. Out of the 520,000 children, only 50,00 children will find permanent homes each year. They are yearning to have what the average American child has, a family. More than 14,100 foster children are in caring homes with gay or lesbian couples. Those 520,000 children are waiting to be loved; some may be in a foster home until they are eighteen years old, become an adult and get kicked out (Farrel and Simone). A foster parent should not be determined by his or her sexual orientation, but by their ability to fully take care of the children they want to adopt. No child wants to spend their entire childhood moving from one foster family to another when they could have a stable home with a homosexual couple. A gay or lesbian couple would not want to adopt and go through the entire adoption process unless they believed they could fully care for, nurture, and love the child. A homosexual couple can provide two loving parents just like a heterosexual couple. A family should be based on trust, love, and caring for one another. If these essentials are present in a relationship, heterosexual or homosexual, there should be no reason that the environment the couple creates for a child would be inappropriate. There are currently between two and fourteen million gay and lesbian families in the United States. Those homosexual couples wanting to adopt should be allowed. A...
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