Gay and Lesbian

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Chicano Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Joe Gamez Phil 327

My report is on Carla Trujillo’s article on chicana lesbians: Fear and Loathing in the Chicano community. Carla Trujillo hit it right on the head when according to Trujillo chicana lesbians are perceived as a threat because it disrupts the order of male dominance and raises the awareness for chicana women about their own independence and control (Trujillo281) This is true because of the machismo way that males have dominated families that have shaped their children to think that chicana women are inferior to men. Trujillo also made sense when she talked about sexuality when it came to suppressing it because women are taught to concede all pleasure to the male (Trujillo282) which makes women not appreciate their bodies and know little about them. Another point I want to make is the way chicanas identify themselves because chicans are taught at an early age to undervalue themselves, this in turns to chicana women being dependent on men. Motherhood and Religion play a essential role in the way chicana’s minds are molded because in the Mexican- American family women are taught that in order to be a complete woman you have to get married to a successful man and bare his children. Chicana’s are taught at a early age that it is important to find the right man to have their children with because it is the man that will support her financially and emotionally In contrast; If a chicana woman comes out of the closet and proclaims that she is a lesbian this will cause problems in that household on all levels. The problems come about because chicano families have been brought up to conform to certain unwritten rules for example, to follow the norm(be a follower) and to not ask any questions regarding anything controversial that would make chicano families stand out from the rest. I Agree with Trujillo that chicana lesbians are...
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