Gay Adoption

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Religion Pages: 4 (652 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Should gay couple adopt children? Are gay couples capable of raising children with as much

devotion as a normal couple? The answer is certainly a “No!”. Adoption of children by

homosexual couples is a very controversial topic. National Adoption week in the

United Kingdom in October 2000 saw a drive to encourage gay couples to adopt, in order to find

homes for thousands of orphan children. At present, many democratic countries like United

States of America, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden,and Iceland have regarded

gay adoption as an important area of gay rights. However, I believe that gay couples should

not adopt children, as children of gay couples will be confused about their own sexual identity,

will be raised in a promiscuous environment,and will fail to understand traditional values.

First of all, gay couples are abnormal, which will create an uncertainty for the children. Research

in the US (Univ. of Illinois Law Review, 1997) finds that children raised in homosexual

households are significantly more likely to question their sexuality. In addition, a child’s primary

role models are his or her parents. Raising a heterosexual child in a gay household gives the a

distorted view of minority sexuality, just as a girl brought up by two men would fail to benefit from

a feminine influence or a boy would fail to benefit from masculinity if he is raised alongside only

girls. Usually, children from gay families are discriminated against in a society and are bullied.

This can have immense effect in their psychological development. They will be discouraged,and

will feel inferior, frustrated, depressed and will be unable to face the challenge of this fast running

world. The upbringing of children by gay couple is immoral. To legally allow adoption by

gay couples is to encourage what is an unnatural upbringing. Gay adoption has deep

implications because it forces a radical redefinition...
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