Gawains Diary

Topics: Guinevere, King Arthur, Mordred Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: March 11, 2013
What a perfect time to return home in Camelot. Even though i do not have a permanent residence in which i can call my home, King Arthur's castle is the one place i can rely to be welcomed and treated as family. I refuse to complain, however after spending much of the year surveying the kingdom, i have grown quite tired. Only after arriving at the gigantic stone walls protecting the closest family i have, do i realize how much i missed being here. Upon entering, i am greeted with yells and shouts, applause and laughter as me and my fellow knights have survived long enough for another reunion. Voices overlap with,"Take a seat!", "Have a drink!", "Tell me the stories of your journies, it's been too long!", and soon enough my mind is clouded with pure happiness and the undying emotion of gratefullness. What better time to be home than for the holidays. Last year i was unable to enjoy this moment because lady Guinevere's mother was ill. King Arthur wanted me to accompany her on the journey to visit her. He would have gone of course but i assured him it was far too dangerous for him to leave, and what better hands to leave her in than my own? A week we traveled in horribly cold weather. Up rocky mountains and across large barren fields of ice we traveled. I remember during that bleak time, some scruffy purple tinted balls sparsely sprouted throughout the snow. They seemed to be the only thing to bring a smile to the ladies face. "Even beautiful things can sprout from the most harsh and brutal environment", i nodded understanding this was the sign of hope she needed. So on my way here, i decided to take a different route, only slightly out of the way. A few more hours was every bit worth the look on lady Guineveres face when i handed her several plucked snow flowers. I know eventually i will have to leave, and i await the challenges coming my way with great anticipation, for serving my king is the greatest honor. However, i do not deny that i wish nights like these...
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