Gautama Buddha and Siddhartha

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  • Published : April 30, 2006
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Throughout one's entire existence he/she goes through countless trials to discover our true Self or some sort of spiritual enlightenment. Along the way one may encounter many teachers that can guide us along several different paths while telling us what they think is right or wrong. They offer us guidance and assistance, but still yet one makes his or her own decisions. Clearly portrayed in the German novella Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, we can easily point out the importance of teachers in ones life and how they can simply guide us and lead us to finding our Self. Throughout the text it is obvious that Siddhartha had many guides such as the Samanas, Gotama, and Kamala that ultimately led to the discovery of his enlightenment. Undoubtedly, once we reach enlightenment it leads us to a perfect relationship with the world and we soon realize that life is not all about material belongings. All of us wish to know our true self. It is not what we perceive with our senses, think with our minds, or experience with our emotions. Obviously, there is another dimension of life that is hidden from our view, but which can only be experienced through the discovery of our surroundings and guidance from our teachers.

Without a doubt, the Samanas played a vital role in helping Siddhartha reach his true meaning of self. If it weren't for this group of spiritual pilgrims he would've never been shown that you can't just ignore the material world and the things that normal human beings experience. As quoted in the text, "Siddhartha learned a great deal from the Samanas; he learned many ways of losing the Self. He traveled along the path of self-denial through pain, through voluntary suffering and conquering of pain, through hunger, thirst and fatigue. He traveled the way of self-denial through meditation, through the emptying of the mind through all images. Along these and other paths did he learn to travel. He lost his Self a thousand times and for days on end he dwelt in...
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