Topics: Coffee, Olfaction, Cake Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: December 20, 2013
Icko Syrus R. Cera

“Dugdug,dugdug,dugdug,dugdug.” You guessed it right. That is my heart beating tremendously just like a drum being banged in a concert whenever I drink coffee. But still, sipping battery acid is one of my must-to-do things in life. I don’t care if I will get palpitations but these amber concoctions are too precious to just let them pass by. They have these magnificent charm that if casted upon you, you cannot do anything but to surrender in their will. Just like how Gaudencio’s Cafe hypnotized me as I neared its premises. The smell of newly brewed coffee had already snarled my olfactory senses as I pushed the door open. It made me walked more briskly than ever that made me to be lost in this wonderland and never wanting to be found again. I feel like being kidnapped by these amber coloured, caffeine injected concoctions; and I loved it. I got so excited not only by the smell but as well as the ambience that envelopes this one of a kind cafe. The ambience was so cozy that I could finish reading chapters of novel in one sitting. With the ear-friendly music, funny and accommodating service crews and of course mouth watering stomach fillers and thirst quenchers, you would not want to go home ever again. Not wanting any seconds to be wasted, I quickly put down my bag on the most complacent seat I found and hastily scrutinized the menu imposed in front. I chose Irish Mocha Cream to hopefully satisfy my hankering and Moist Chocolate Cake to calm my stomach’s tantrums. After 20 minutes, my order finally arrived. Seeing this temple of goodness makes me not to drink it for some minutes. It was created to perfection that it is too precious just to be destroyed. It pained me to put the straw in it and see those finishing trims be dissected and ruined. It literally took me for about 4 minutes to put the straw inside the cup. After that crucial part, I sipped a little bit and like Edward Cullen that little bit grew and...
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