Gatto on Schools

Topics: Education, High school, Teacher Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: December 19, 2012
According to Mr. Gatto’s grandfather, boredom was what you made of it. Everyone has the choice of doing what they wish and if they are bored, it is no one’s fault but theirs. Mr. Gatto then figured that he was an expert on boredom. He saw students and teachers everyday and the way he explains that they were constantly bored. Students are tired of learning things by sitting on a chair and writing notes. Teachers, on the other hand, were always complaining about their students. Mr. Gatto started to have an insight about school and realized that it was only to keep the society in control. He kept asking the students why they were bored and did not like learning in school, they told him that they wanted to do something real, something that consists of actual work. He knew they were right. Not everyone goes to a school, many are homeschooled and reach the same level as others. He asked himself why the government would make students go to school and not let them learn what they need to become what they want. Gatto also checks his insight with the help of H.L. Mencken who once claimed that school was not for education. It was rather to have the population to the same level. It becomes easier for the government, because the society is ‘manageable’ as Gatto says. The educational system had so much impact on the population that today, a normal person without a high school diploma would be considered uneducated, but many successful people don’t even have that certificate like Abraham Lincoln. So why make kids go to school? It is simply to make good people, citizens and to keep a good society. Gatto first thought of boredom in general and then concentrated on students, he wanted to know why they were bored and it seems as his insight about this was wrong and right since without school, it is possible that society would end in chaos, but in a different view, it is useless, because kids can be educated by exploring in the real world.
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