Gattaca: A Disturbing View of the Future

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  • Published : October 24, 2006
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The movie Gattaca is a look into a disturbing view of the future and what science might be able to do. The disturbing part about Gattaca is that science can know too much about a person, the segregation is very extreme and that there is no push to change the way things are.

First, the scientist during the time period Gattaca was set in knows too much about a person. Before the person is born they can rule out any diseases or learning disabilities. A person can make their baby into a super star athlete from the beginning. As soon as the baby is born, the doctors run a test on the baby and know the exact likelihood of the baby having any diseases. They have the ability to figure out what the approximate life expectancy of the baby will be. Some things people should know and when their child is going to die is one of those things. There is nothing left up to chance in this society. People do not have to take any risks and know exactly what is going to happen to them and how long they will live.

Second, the segregation between the non-genetically predisposed people and the people made the way their parents want is extreme. Companies will not even hire the people who natural born people because of the apparent high risk of death they have. Any natural born person is looked down in this society because they believe that the natural born people cannot achieve as great as things as the specially designed people. This is disturbing because if bears a striking resemblance to the segregation the United States between African Americans and Caucasians. Vincent goes through many ridiculous things to make sure that no one knows that he is a natural born.

Lastly, there is no one in the society that thinks the way they live is wrong and wants to change things. Even in our society today there are people who think that the way we live is wrong and want to change it. I think that is a necessity to a society, otherwise society could make a turn for...
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