Gattaca Notes

Topics: DNA, English-language films, 1862 births Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Gattaca Notes

Nhan Duong

* Within our DNA, we already have all the information that will determine our future. * With genetic engineering, we can determine our future, from looks to how long we’ll live for. * Gattaca puts this idea into practice and shows what society will be like, where there’s discrimination based on genetic. * Set in the “not-too distant future”

* Introduced to Vincent, an invalid, who is rejected due to his imperfections. * He assumes the identity of a valid, Jerome Morrow, and pursues his dream of going to space. * He manages to resolve his relationship with Irene, Anton and achievement his goal of going to space. * Starts with a focus on flakes of skin, nails and hair.

* With “The Not-Too Distant Future”, we think of a cool, robotic setting. * First few scenes show us what Vincent has to endure to survive. * The visual style focuses our attention to basic themes and ideas * The backgrounds have an emphasis on space, cleanliness and order. * Society which rejects disorder, chaos and imperfections. * Echoes of voices and footsteps makes the world seem hollow and lacking warmth * “You are the authority on what’s not possible”

* Tells how Irene has been living according to society, limiting herself. * She releases that society is stopping her from reaching her full potential. * “I never saved anything for the swim back”

* Shows how Vincent is more human, as he has the human spirit, desire for success and the mental commitment. * Vincent is dedicated to prove society and science wrong. * Represents the natural, emotional and spiritual

* Has more human qualities than Anton, such as ambition, determination, discipline and desire * Irene has everything to offer the world, but her heart defect limits her from ever reaching her full potential. * Cool and distant, with crisp manner and restrained appearance. * She is influenced by Vincent when she finds out his true...
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