Gattaca-Nature vs Nurture

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Gattaca - Nature vs. Nurture

The science fiction movie Gattaca stresses that nature is stronger than nurture in our development but actually nature is not the strongest quality in our development. In the movie, your genetic code instantly pre-qualifies you for just about everything in life and predetermines your entire ability and potential for your lifetime. In the movie, your career was dependent on your genes; people who were genetically enhanced at birth were known as valids and were given the best jobs while people born naturally without being enhanced were known as in-valids and were given menial jobs. Firstly, nature is not the strongest quality because it is proven in the movie that a person with clear genetic superiority can face an unexpected downfall. An example of this fact is in the case of Jerome (former athlete who previously worked at Gattaca) who was paralyzed. Jerome was genetically superior unlike Vincent (the protagonist who was genetically inferior) but in the end, Vincent, using Jerome’s identity, fulfilled his dream of becoming an astronaut and working in Gattaca. Secondly, nature is not the strongest quality because it is proven in the movie with the example of the murder case .When the mission director was murdered, Vincent became the main suspect but the murderer was actually another of Gattaca’s directors. He was overlooked initially because his DNA profile indicated that violence was not in his nature. This example leads to the conclusion that although violence was not in the nature of the actual murderer, he had the potential and the ability to commit the murder (and almost got away with it). Thirdly, nature is not the strongest quality because it is proven in real-life that people without the perfect body are able to overcome the limitations of their bodies in order to reach their goals....
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