Gattaca Flim Technique

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Film Technique| Meaning/ Explanation |
Colour of film washed out| The whole film has no real colour because it represents the idea that the world has become bland, colourless because everybody is put in a position from birth due to their DNA and the statistics it tells, and never really allowed to pursue adventure, or try to strive for something| Dress, cars and music are old-fashioned, even though the film is set in the near-future| This is done to show the issues in the film are happening now and have been happening for years. People can “choose” their child to an extent now, but also, the issue of racism (or “genoism” in the movie) is age old. People can relate the issues (or themes) back to their everyday lives – it’s not something in the future that doesn’t concern them. | Large sterile buildings outside Gattaca that dwarf the characters| This shows that people are now insignificant compared to technology (Gattaca represents perfection the greatest in technology) People mean very little now, it’s what technology can do that matters.| Water the force of nature as an equaliser for humans-uncontrollable| Water is used mainly in the competition between Vincent and Anton, where Vincent wins the race. Water (representing “nature”) is the great equaliser - no matter how perfect people try to make themselves they cannot beat nature, as nature is not able to be controlled. This can also extend to the fact humans are part of nature and nobody could stop Vincent because he had determination. | Spiral staircase in the apartment Jerome struggles to get to the top, whereas Vincent easily gets there, even though he’s meant to be inferior| Vincent is determined and is able to get up the so-called DNA ladder easily (getting into Gattaca and being one of their elite) whilst Jerome starts at the top (perfect) but falls down that metaphorical ladder when he goes to commit suicide, is depressed, a “silver-medallist” and this is represented in the film in that...
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