Gattaca Film Review

Topics: Human, Gene, Cell Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Gattaca: A reflection-reaction paper

Gattaca is a sci-fi thriller that puts questions of perfection and being human at the forefront. We identify with Ethan Hawk because he personifies someone who yearns to travel in outer space with a full heart’s desire and passion which are truly human virtues. Despite having difficulties like heart problems which were discovered when he was born, this did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

One thing philosophical about it is the pursuit of perfection often times contradicts with our innate humanity. Perfection has a price. Like in the movie, Vincent “borrows” the identity of Jerome Eugene Morrow who is a former swimming star with an amazing genetic profile but unfortunately is paralyzed waist down due to a car accident. No one can be perfect and could have everything life has to offer; it also has its pros and cons. While watching the movie, there was one thing that I was curious about, is happiness present in a perfect human being or is it present by self-fulfillment? From the looks of Jerome and Vincent, I saw that happiness is not present in a perfect human being. Jerome has perfect genetic genes but could not do anything with his life, he is paralyzed and could not do the things that he would want to do unlike Vincent, he saw happiness in self-fulfillment because he has goals in life, dreams that he would want to pursue that would make him contented. Perfection is not connected nor is the same as happiness. Vincent proved it in the movie that all that has been said to him at birth is not true, that he cannot do anything else but be a “degenerate” someone who is one of the underclass humans that are only useful for menial jobs could not pursue their dreams and that even though perfection is given to a person, without goals, dreams, choices and determination is useless and worthless. In reality, the genetic code is given to us but it does not have a path laid in front of us that we have to follow, if...
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