Gattaca Film Analysis

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  • Published : December 10, 2010
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It cannot be taken for granted that all human beings are born with the physical traits that would fuel them smoothly to their destinies. However, as the film Gattaca reveals, success is “by no means guaranteed” to only perfect beings, just as it is not completely unreachable by weak beings. Niccol reveals that through fortitude and commitment, even a weak individual can take hold of his or her dreams and create unexpected twists in the society. He also shows how one’s determination, the ability to strive for a dream no matter how hard it is to achieve, stands on a higher level of importance than one’s “resume” in the path to success. Even so, Gattaca does not deny the fact that “success is easier to attain” by the “genetically superior”. Throughout the film, the importance of genes is emphasized, such as by the exaggeration of genetic materials, the DNA-shaped staircase, and the name Gattaca itself, which is spelt using the initials of the 4 DNA bases. To a certain extent, a person’s genetic makeup can play a role in gauging the worth of a person and determining his or hers future. For example, Vincent, an in-valid is initially overlooked amongst people with a “far cleaner profile”, while genetically engineered characters, such as his brother, Anton, reach their goals much smoothly as their successes were “virtually guaranteed at birth”. In the film, the mark “8” is used to represent the infinity amount of chance that valids get, while the Christ sign is used to represent “God’s Handiwork” that crafts the in-valids. However, in the film, Vincent, who is physically restrained, tries to ignore the genetic defects that he receives as “God child” and strived for his destiny by firmly believing in his “one in a hundred” chance of success. Although he has a predisposition towards several genetic diseases, including a malignant heart condition, Vincent is always determined to reach his priorities in life and is willing to take whichever course he can to achieve it....
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