Gattaca Essay

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  • Published : August 26, 2011
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Gattaca Essay

Gattaca is a futuristic movie that addresses the possible issues of genetic discrimination and the problems that occur in a scientifically enhanced world. The movie gives many example of genetic discrimination as it follows the life of the main character Vincent, a genetically disabled person or invalid. As apposed to a genetically perfect, valid. The more prominent issues brought up involving invalids include finding suitable early child care and obtaining jobs in preferred industries. Both these matters have convincing positive and negative arguments that will be summarised below.

Genetic discrimination takes place in many different areas throughout the movie but begins at the child care centre Vincent’s mother and father try to enrol him in. They are unable to sign him up as he was diagnosed at birth with numerous possible genetic disorders that the child care centres insurance would not cover for. This leads to other problems such as the parents having to educate him at home from an early age which could possibly develop other concerns. His social skills would be severely undeveloped due to lack of socialisation with other children his age. With his parents teaching him Vincent may not have been able to gain the highest possible level of education that the child care centre would have otherwise been able to provide. He would then begin his higher education lacking in the skills other valid students in his year already possessed.

On the other hand without invalid students attending child care centres the educators are able to give more attention to the valid students that are more likely to succeed and progress towards a productive future in the work force. If an invalid student is permitted to attend a child care centre the safety of that child and the others attending is severely compromised. If a supervisor was constantly worried about the safety of the invalid child their attention would not be evenly distributed between the other...
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