Gattaca Essay

Topics: Gattaca, Science fiction film, Andrew Niccol Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Gattaca essay
A character who faces challenges in the science fiction film Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol is Vincent Freeman. Vincent Freeman is a genetically disordered child that comes into the genetic dystopian society where they are termed as a invalid if they weren't perfect. Vincent is a person that is determined to risk his life to reach his dream of going into space one day. He loses a swim race against his genetically modified brother Anton but strives to beat him the next time he faces him., and so he does. Another challenge he faces Gattaca with his genetically disordered profile, he fails to get accepted and he strives to get in so he turns into Jerome Marrow a pro swimmer who was never able to get 1st and helped Vincent turn into him due to Jeromes leg injury. therefore Vincent has succeeded to continue his challenge of reaching his dream. Another challenge is where vincent has to face crossing the road after the road block (the murder case) where he took his contacts off and he can't see. He's with his girlfriend Irene who doesn't know about his real identity. He risks his life to chase his dream as he didnt want her to realise that he is not Jerome. Overall Vincent is a man who faces challenges throughout the film and will risk anything just to go up into space. Visual festures such as camera shots in the swimming scene and oral features and the music used throughout the film influence the mood of the scene which helps us understand the film and Vincent as a character better.
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