Topics: Gattaca, Andrew Niccol, 1862 births Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: April 3, 2012
The last time we swam together. Anton needs assistance. The impossible happened. Does this give him the motivation? “I was not as weak”. “The moment that made everything else possible.” Music calming sad, builds up. Vincent removes himself from the family photo. Close up shot brings Anton into his place. He leaves home. Cleaning at Gattica. The New underclass determined by science. Stairs in background.

In the film “Gattaca” the director, Andrew Niccol uses many techniques throughout the film to show different ideas to the viewers of the film. One of the most important scenes that I have chosen to analyse is the last swimming scene.

A technique the director used in the last swimming scene that I thought was important was dialogue. “In case you havn’t realised I don’t need rescuing, but you did once. How do you explain that?” – Vincent to Anton. “You didn’t beat me that day I beat myself.” – Anton to Vincent. “ Who are you trying to convince?” –Vincent to Anton. “You want me to prove it to you? I’ll prove it to you!!” – Anton to Vincent. The effect of this heated conversation gives the scene a tension filled atmosphere and keeps you wondering about what is going to happen next. It makes the audience sympathetic to Vincent because you see all the struggles he has had to endure to become ‘Jerome Morrow’ and edge closer to his goal of going into space. Even though he has achieved so much his own brother cannot acknowledge the strength Vincent has shown.

Another meaningful techniques that is shown by Andrew Niccol is (not sure what its called) when the camera is low in the water showing Vincent battling his brother and his emotions during the game of chicken one last time. The shot of Vincent is always at least 3/4 ‘s full of water. The symbolism of the water taking up so much space in the shot and the roughness of the waves slapping against the lens gives the impression of the past and present struggles that Vincent has faced...
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