Gattaca & 1984 Draft Essay

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  • Published : September 6, 2013
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In both set text the film, Gattaca Is a 1996 science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol and The book 1984 written by George Orwell share many similarities although have a vast majority of differences. Gattaca is set in a technologically advanced future, which has a dystopian society that strives for a utopian society by using genetic engineering. This is similarly shown in 1984 by the totalitarian party by having complete supreme control over the people’s lives. I today’s society we take our world for granted as we assure it is safe, whereas in both dystopian worlds they’re not safe but dangerous, yet both aren’t fulfilled to becoming the modern future world. These text made it clear that both have dystopian societies within them, this is evident due to the social hierarchy in Gattaca. The hierarchy is portrayed by the genetic composition obtained by the government. One is genetically perfect ‘valid’ made genetically, these people are able to pursue a stable job emerging into a successful life like Anton, however an ‘in-valid’ made by love is an imperfect this is represented by Vincent Freeman as he is considered to be an ‘invalid’ within his society. All ‘in-valid’ are to end up becoming cleaners, he too is one. He is genetically discriminated and is constantly look down upon. The society in Gattaca shows life is controlled by genetics rather than their physical potential and education. Based on their DNA that is where they belong and it’ll determine their future. This is represented through Vincent, as he rejects his job as a cleaner, violates the societies hierarchy structure, rebels against his family, leaves his true identity behind and by doing this he is using a ‘valids’ identity names Jerome . He uses Jerome’s Urine and Blood DNA samples in the scene shown by the long shot used, where Vincent is being interviewed. In doing this he achieves his dream, becoming a navigator travelling into out of space. 1984 shows a similar concept where...
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