Topics: Science fiction film, Genetics, Gattaca Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Gattaca was an extremely well directed movie that smartly explored the themes of discrimination and elitism in the not-too-distant future. Jerome and Vincent faced similar forms of discrimination, and although their roles reverse by the end of the movie, it is evident that the director put a lot of time and thought into making sure that they served as excellent foils to each other. The juxtaposition of each made the other seem more and less human at the same time. Jerome Morrow, genetically superior to Vincent Freeman, attempted to commit suicide by stepping in front of a car. For all his vaunted DNA, he mentally could not cope with reality and grew depressed and suicidal. On the other hand, Vincent Freeman was determined to break the genetic constraints that bound him to Earth. His body was not sound enough, but his mind refused to break. The superiority of mind over body is thus shown here. The body will eventually follow the path that the mind lays out for it. Jerome’s mind crippled his body, while Vincent’s flew free and allowed him to enter space. When the audience first meets Jerome, he is surly, and rude. He wallows in his self-pity. Vincent, ever the opposite, is shy, cordial, and determined. By film’s end, their roles have reversed. Jerome has latched tightly to Vincent’s dream of entering space, while Vincent himself is not sure he is doing the right thing. He questions his goals and motivations, and at one point calls the whole thing off. It is at that moment that the audience realizes the development both characters have undergone. Jerome and Vincent have grown together (in both senses of the word: simultaneously, and as brothers). Uma Thurman’s character Irene also presents a deviation from the norm. By all rights, she should be attracted to Jerome because of his good looks, powerful body, and suave accent. However, she falls for the slightly nerdy Vincent because she can see beneath the surface. The intensity of his drive to achieve his goals...
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