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My presentation today will be regarding the pros of eugenics and its impact on society. After studying the movie GATTACA, it is clear that eugenics plays a vital role in the storyline. Although the movie was created in 1997 and was set in the ‘not too distant future’, it is evident that what was fictional is partially becoming reality. Medical treatment is becoming more sophisticated, prevention of diseases is evident. The use of eugenics in sport leagues has been introduced. The further enhancement of eugenics is becoming rapid, and profound. Many people have a negative attitude towards eugenics after inspecting GATTACA; the cons of eugenics have been demonstrated flawlessly in the movie. But what GATTACA fails to do is cover in depth the pros of this new and advanced technology we possess.

So what is eugenics? By definition it is the study or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population. We see this occurring almost everyday of our lives. Whether it be on the news, in the newspaper, or personal experiences, we have all observed the power of eugenics in many ways. The creation of vaccines to prevent diseases, as well as the technology to cure cancer, the heel prick tests used on babies, these are all examples of eugenics. However what we must realize is that genetic engineering on humans is not about perfection, it is about our well being and the ability to survive.

The introduction of DNA testing on football players, as well as other sports is the start of the advancement in eugenics. These tests assist athletes to improve their performance on the field, as well as their abilities. The key is that DNA testing does not determine a person’s qualities or physical traits; it is used to further develop our ability to perform or at times, early detection of illnesses. With a source such as DNA testing that provides information on where we can improve, shouldn’t we take this knowledge into consideration?

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