Topics: Brave New World, Emotion, Aldous Huxley Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Gabriela Dittrich Humanities Mrs. Kirkendall November 18, 2011 Predestination: Good or Bad? Envision a world where all diseases, human disorders, disabilities, and imperfections could be eliminated through a nifty genetic mutator. Envision a world where having sex with as many people as possible is encouraged, no one loves one another, and orgy's are as casual as a business meeting. Envision a world where children are mass produced as simply and as fast as a car. This is the “utopia” portrayed in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. This type of lifestyle is also represented in the film Gattaca. In these societies, or “worlds”, children are simply given their destiny. Their lives are predestined and predetermined. In Brave New World, some are created to become inferior to the rest of the society. They are the ones to do the undesirable jobs. Similar to this, in the film Gattaca there are the natural born babies, or the in-valids. In Brave New World and Gattaca, a predestined life seems easy and effective, but it takes away from human emotion and creates an overall negative impact on society.

In the film Gattaca, there are a couple different scenes to open up the movie. One of the scenes is a woman giving birth to a child as the nurse reads off the child's chances of diseases, disabilities, etc. The nurse begins to say, "NERVE CONDITION - PROBABILITY 60%", "MANIC DEPRESSION 42%", "OBESITY - 66%", "ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER - 89%"--"HEART DISORDER 99% - EARLY FATAL POTENTIAL.". "LIFE EXPECTANCY - 33 YEARS" (Gattaca). Succeeding the disposition of these news, the father of the child decided to name the baby Vincent Antonio instead of the original plan to name the child after himself, Antonio. A little bit later in the movie, the parents walk into a genetic counseling office to create their second child. They decide to execute all the

possible imperfections of the child when choosing its genes. When the child is born, Antonio, the father decides to name him...
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