Gatsby Essay- the Pursued, Pursuing Busy and Tired

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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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"There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired" To what extent does this sum up the novel? In 'The Great Gatsby', Fitzgerald made all his characters with four predominate behaviours; "the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired". Some may fall under only one of these groups, where as the others may belong in all of them. This is not only a good summary of the novel but also of people's life in general during the 1920s. Throughout the novel, there are characters who are being chased after, and also individuals who has established that they are in pursuit, whether it is of wealth, love, a person or an ideal such as the "American Dream". However it is the pursuers that endure the most, as for the most part they are always occupied and exhausted in the end. It is apparent that some characters from the novel are being pursued for a range of causes, including; for love, wealth, or just entertainment purposes. Daisy is one of the most noticeable characters who is under pursuit as her affection is targeted by Jay Gatsby. This is essentially the main focus and conflict of the novel, as Gatsby who spent years amassing a vast fortune, just so he would have a chance with Daisy. There are also those who are being pursued for the sake of prosperity. Tom would be a prime example as he is being pursued by Myrtle, purely for the fact that Myrtle no longer wants to live a life in a run-down auto shop, but a life of wealth and extravagance. Additionally, Myrtle is also being chased after by Tom as well, though, Myrtle is not being sought after for her affection, but simply because Tom is bored of his life with Daisy. Therefore, having an affair with Myrtle ignites a spark of enlightenment in Tom's repetitious days. Continually, aspirations such as happiness and success are also being sought after, as both George and Gatsby wanted successful lives, and to live in financial prosperity. However, these goals were ultimately for the intention of pursuing a...
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