Gatsby and Ebb

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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Texts reflect concerns and values of their composers. Discuss the differences in the representation of love and hope that arise from the contexts of The Great Gatsby and Browning’s poetry. Both The Great Gatsby and Sonnets From the Portuguese are social commentary on the world that their composers lived in. The Great Gatsby shows the moral decline in the Jazz Age, the time of celebration that followed the end of WWI, a time of degradation and self-indulgence that led to the falling of the world in the great depression. EBB tells us of the traditionalist Victorian Age, where everyone conducted themselves in the most proper of fashions. Where the women had their role and tradition was upheld in every level of society. The Great Gatsby shows us the idealistic love of one Jay Gatsby for a woman known as Daisy. Meeting her before he left to fight in the war, the two instantly fell into love. However when Gatsby moved on, so did Daisy. She fell for and got married to Tom Buchanan. When Gatsby returned from the war he expected to find her waiting for him with open arms, the reality too much to bear he held onto the fanciful notion that he would be able to recapture the past, “Can’t repeat the past”, he says, “of course you can”. His expectations for this were so high that no matter how things turned out they would be as good as he once imagined them being, “there must have been times even that afternoon that Daisy tumbled short of his dreams”. His love for her then is an illusion, holding onto an idea that she will someday be his and live up to the ridiculous expectations he has of her. The very geography of the land they live on symbolising the divide between them, the similar two egg shaped land masses close in every way except their materialistic ways, separated by only a bay. Across which Gatsby “distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away”. A perfect symbolism for his relationship with Daisy, dimly lit and far away.
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