"Gatsby's World Is Corrupt but Ultimately Glamorous" How Do You Respond to This View of the Novel?

Topics: Corruption, Political corruption Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 29, 2013
“Gatsby’s world is corrupt but ultimately glamorous” How do you respond to this view of the novel? Gatsby built is fortune through criminal activities, as an ‘associate’ of Wolfsheim. Wolfsheim connection to Gatsby is the corruption of the American dream. Gatsby is labelled as “new money” in Fitzgerald’s novel, from building his fortunes, Gatsby almost fulfilled the aspects of the American Dream. Gatsby’s dream is corrupted by society that he does not realise, that glamour and wealth will ultimately mean nothing to him. Tom and Daisy are glamorous because they live on the East Egg society, which is morally corrupt and bankrupt. Money was the critical reason to Gatsby’s corruption that unfolds when he describes Daisy. “Her voice is full of money” which could be identified as a symbolism of wealth; Daisy was Gatsby’s Main goal. Was he in love with Daisy or her money? Love, Gatsby seemed obsessed with Daisy. “Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” Money didn't really seem like an issue between the two, one “old money” and one “new money”. Gatsby’s parties were more like theatre productions, being boastful, wanting to be noticed and wanting Daisy. His world was corrupt, largely hidden by wealth, glamour and beauty. With his money he creates a new world for himself, looking like a celebrity. Celebrities are glamorous! He would put on a good show for everyone and walk away with another one to plan. He’s flaunting what he’s got. Is Gatsby an illusion of social standing by his clothing, mansion, expensive furniture and so together; he’s just like everyone else? No one turned up to his funeral but did for his parties. Did anyone actually like him, or were they just interested in his parties? He was obsessed with the glamour and loving the spotlight. I think Gatsby’s world was corrupt yet, glamorous. He seemed to act mysterious but that’s what made part of his world so glamorous, he always knew about fame and fortune of “new money” but did...
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