Gatorade's Revolution Has Changed the Game

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  • Published : November 4, 2010
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Sports have existed as long as people have existed. People have been enjoying a recreation and leisure as an innocent activity or extreme exercise to compete against one another since Roman times. Gatorade has been the main face of sports drinks for dehydration as long as sports have existed. Gatorade’s ad is very convincing and influential, and they do this by explaining the most obvious effect in the human body after any kind of physical activity, dehydration. Dehydration’s definition is when the body lose large amount of water, however water isn’t the only thing that is lost in the human body. Since 1965, gatorade has evolved from being just water to sports drink and the image that enhances athlete’s performances, and the games haven’t been the same since. Now athletes are better than ever before, and gatorade insists to change the game again to improve the performance of an athlete or anybody else takes a sport seriously. This is how gatorade sells.

In the beginning, people played basketball in peach baskets, racquets were wooden and hydration was simply water. Before the industry revolution, sports obviously didn’t have the technology to improve the game, but even the game itself wasn’t taking it as seriously. A sport was lacking support and interest from people because it was only seen as recreation and leisure for fun. Therefore, professional athletes suffered very serious dehydration from the heat. Not only did that cause athletes condition to be sensitive, it also affected an athlete’s overall performance. Drinking water wasn’t simply enough for those athletes who train as heavy and exercise as intensely. To be fully nutrient restored, the human body requires consuming more than water as the human body gets dehydrated and loses different nutrients by sweating. Without gatorade athletes were clearly suffering with dehydration and their game was suffering with lack of support from fans because athletics couldn’t perform as entertaining as possible.

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