Gathering the Information about Neptune

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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How has information about Neptune been gathered?
When Neptune was first seen by Galileo Galilei it was thought to be just a star. Neptune was first observed by Johann Galle and Heinrich D’Arrest on the 23rd of September inn 1846. On August 25 1989 the Voyager 2 flew by the planet and it got thousands of pictures which gave us most of the information we have about Neptune today. The thousands of pictures that the Voyager 2 took were pictures of Neptune’s moons and rings. This flyby by the Voyager 2 gave us most of the information we have about Neptune today. The Voyager is the only spacecraft which has flown by Neptune and has gotten information. In 1998 scientists used telescopes on earth as well as telescopes in space to see Neptune’s ring arcs (the ring arcs are the rings of Neptune but at this point they were thought to be sort of like half rings around Neptune. The rings appeared to be a half shaped because of Neptune’s moons) as well as its rings. Neptune has been studied from the ground but it is a very challenging task due to the fact that the planet is a small disk shaped object and also because Neptune’s images are very blurred because of the distance between Earth and Neptune, Earth’s atmosphere also causes the images to be blurred. The Hubble spacecraft has also been used to find information about the planet Neptune. The Hubble spacecraft is a device which has been sent into space by NASA.

Neptune’s position in our solar system
Neptune is the 8th planet from our sun and the 5th farthest planet from our Earth. It is also the last gas planet in our solar system. The distance between our sun and Neptune is 30.06 AU (astronomical units).Neptune’s distance from our earth is 29.06 AU (astronomical units).

Neptune’s orbit around the Sun
Neptune revolves/orbits around the Sun once every 164.79 Earth years or once every 60.190 Earth days. Neptune travels at an...
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