Gathering Research Data Paper

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Gathering Research Data Paper @@
This research paper will pertain to the life style of police officers and the jobs these men and women have. The information that has been gathered shows the difficulties and hazardous the job of a law enforcement officer can be. The following question will be discussed: What is the goal or purpose behind the proposed research? What type of interview structure would you use? Why? What would be some questions you would ask? Why? What are some distinct advantages of a qualitative data-gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over more quantitative approaches? When conducting survey research, how important is informed consent and confidentiality? The purpose of this research is to find out what are the hazards police officers face every day that the average person does not think about, when he or she in either driving in a patrol car or walking the beat. We only know that police are here to protect and serve, but there is more. Police officers transports prisoners back and forth between court and jail, they restraint prisoners when they get out of hand in court, they work as traffic officers controlling the flow of traffic, issuing traffic tickets (court summons) and warrant to violators. The reason for gather such information is to know what the dangers of a police officer are and how many problems exist in the job of a police officer. The main job of a police officer is to protect the public. Which includes protecting innocent people against crime, a police officer is sworn to preservation of civil order, enforces traffic and other regulations, he or she job is to prevention of alcohol and substance abuse, neighborhood disorders, firearms control laws, and to investigating any laws that are broken and makes arrests of the guilty party or parties. The job of a police officer is full of hazards, there are many accidently hazards, that can happen during an emergency response were the police officers help may be...
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