Gathering Research Data Paper

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Gathering Research Data Paper

Lashonda Bragg


March 26, 2012

Glen Winters

Gathering Research Data Paper

Gathering data and researching material is very important within the criminal justice system. No matter what profession one may have within the judicial system, researching information is something that has to be done at one time or another. Within this paper I plan on discussing what I’ve learned about research for criminal justice and its criteria. Emphases of this paper are to give some informational data on police officers and why they choose protecting the community a profession.

The goal of my research is to define an officer’s duty. Within this paper I plan on discussing the importance of research as well as address the kind of interview structure I would choose to use, while including interview questions I would use and why I chose those particular questions. Furthermore I will provide some advantages of a qualitative data-gathering strategy over quantitative methods of obtaining information.

According to "Duties & Responsibilities of Police Officers" (n.d.), “police duties are to protect life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Work involves the responsibility for performing routine police assignments that are received from police officers of superior rank. Work normally consists of checking of parking meters for violations, routine patrol, preliminary investigation and traffic regulation, and investigation duties in a designated area on an assigned shift which involve an element of personal danger and employees must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies” (Nature of Work).

People that work within law enforcement have to have the mentality that when they put on their uniforms, it is their mission to enforce the rules and regulations of law enforcement. Accomplishing this mission can be, and has been proven to be dangerous. More other than not, police officers stress levels tend to be high and their career tends to interfere with their personal lives and how they interact with others while not on duty.

The field of criminology is quite complex to define. When working in the criminal justice field, the criteria for research differ depending on ones’ profession. Police officers research criteria often change depending on the task they are completing. For example, if an officer is conducting an investigation, they may have to research ones’ background first as well as the company they keep or have kept in the past so they know what information to ask. If an officer is arresting someone because of a raid or warrant, the officer must research why the warrant or raid was issued to begin with.

As a police officer, the questions asked while interviewing someone are very crucial. If I were conducting an interview to find out what an officers duty entails, I would ask questions such as “What are your duties and roles as a police officer? How do you feel about police unprofessionalism? Do you feel unprofessionalism damages the trust of society as well as the reputation of law enforcement? What are your ethical morals and values as an officer? What part of your job to you like the most? These interview questions will reflect the importance of police professionalism”.

These questions will stem from real life situations and challenges other law enforcement professionals have encountered. The success of the research depends on the method or methods used by the researcher. Having a wide span of knowledge and experience will assist with making the interview process smoother.

Interviews are usually conducted for informational purposes. “Informational interviews are extremely valuable both as a research tool and as a networking technique; it is an opportunity for a candidate to learn more about a practice area, the role of an attorney...
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