Gathering Research Data Paper

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Gathering Research Data Paper

Mandy Broomfield

CJA 334

Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Gregory Koehle

My goal for this assignment is to conduct research on how being in the field affects an officer’s life both professionally and personally. This article should allow both professionals as well as individuals to get an idea as to what it’s like to a police officer. Police officers dedicate their lives to not only protecting but also representing their city, town or community with the protection they provide. Their main goal is to protect the citizens from danger as well as prevent crime. Within the article, I will explain how being in a field officer can have multiple affects on an officer both professionally as well as in his personal life. This can especially so if an officer has been hurt in the line of duty. Being hurt can cause the officer to have not only physical effects but also mental effects and even things such as nightmares after the incident. This can require the officer to find professional psychiatric help to discuss these problems. Police officers usually begin their day by getting ready for the day of long hard work. These hours mean not only setting aside their personal life but also putting their lives in danger every time they walk out the door and into their cruiser. This is where officers will spend most of their shift patrolling. One of the other most common places officers spend their time is in court either being pressed to answer hard questions about a case or explaining why they found the suspect in the first place, ie, warrant, random patrol stop, etc.

It is often a common fact that police officers choose to follow in the footsteps of fellow family members, ie. Father, grandfather, brother, etc. in a way to carry on the tradition of occupation. What is not known during this time that an elder family member being an officer is an extremely stressful thing and...
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