Gathering Research Data

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Gathering Research Data Paper
University of Phoenix

Gathering Research Data Paper
Looked upon as honorable individual’s who protect the community from harms way are those who fulfill the position of being a law enforcement official. Police officer’s dedicate themselves to striving in protecting and representing their community with the service in which they provide. Putting their lives at risk during the hours of work and aside from the career life these individual’s live like any other person. Much of their time is spent out on the streets patrolling and when they are not they find themselves in court being pressed for information from lawyers regarding cases. Emphases of this paper is to provide some of the data information on why people choose to become a law enforcement official. Why a Law Enforcement Official?

Many may believe that officer’s take on the career to follow another family member’s foot steps. To specifically conclude on this matter the information in which will need to be attained will be through the process of intense researching online and via telephone interviewing. The first thought in which must be received is defining why individual’s choose the career of becoming a police officer. According to Nicole A. (2007) it has been noted that many officer’s become involved in law enforcement due to family tradition. Having the desire to follow parent’s footsteps in the same career path has been noted as being a huge reason. Many individual’s feel that if they do not carry on the family tradition they will be looked down upon. Another reason the editor mentions why people become officers is for personal justice (A, Nicole, 2007). If something terrible has happened towards a loved one or close friend it has been found that they join the force for personal justice. Trying to deter the crimes that have caused the grief within their lives is their primary focus. It has also been noted by Nicole (2007) that some...
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