Gathering Research Data

Topics: Police, Qualitative research, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1121 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Police officers are considered to be very decent individuals because they put their lives on the line day in and day out in efforts to protect and serve in the communities that they are assigned. They devote themselves to guarding and representing their community with the services they provide. Although they live as normal people, even outside of the uniform they are still held at a higher standard that other citizens. Many people may wonder what influences individuals to become police officers. What inspires the decisions made by men and women to put their lives on the line and take the step in becoming an officer of the law? This paper will examine the process of researching this information. Purpose of the Paper

Police work can be very dangerous. An officer never knows what will happen to them when the put on their uniform and go out on the streets to protect and serve. A routine traffic stop can become deadly within a few moments. Furthermore, there are police officers who pursue very powerful and violent criminals. At any given point, their pursuit can become fatal.

Additionally, police work can be very demanding. In some cases it can require very long hours and even sleepless nights. Some police officers are required to be on call at all times. The purpose of this paper would be to determine what encourages people to want this particular career. Additionally, the officers would be asked to express their daily duties and functions. Furthermore, an attempt would be made to provide some advantages of qualitative data-gathering strategy over quantitative methods of obtaining the data. Interview Structure

In order to effectively obtain the necessary information needed for this research, it would be important to conduct interviews with people who are pursuing careers as police officers and also people who have already become an officer of the law. It would be necessary to interview ten people who have already began their career in law...
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