Gathering Research Data

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Gathering Research Data
Katie Wilson
February 18, 2013
Rhonda Grant

Gathering Research Data
The average American views police officers as individuals that have taken an oath and sworn to protect them. These individuals were worn to protect the innocent and do many more services for the communities that the live and work in. It takes a very honest, courageous and exceptional type of person to be a law enforcement officer. These individuals are willing to put their own lives, safety and health on the line to protect those who rely on them every day. In this research paper it will explore and make an effort to make a connection between law enforcement officers, their duties, their responsibilities and their families. The research paper will put forward the principle following the proposed research. The report will explain the discourse pattern it will use as well as the facts to some the questions that will also be used. The report will provide identifiable advantages of the qualitative data gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over other qualitative avenues. It is a general belief that most law enforcement officers choice their professional path because of family members in the same occupation or even that it is family wishes. In a family that has one or more than one law enforcement officer other family members tend to follow their footsteps and become law enforcement officers also. It is a customary that officers are not just selected but rather they are gifted and expected to be officers by family. This field would be an appropriate subject for study and research. To find out whom among law enforcement officer that are serving now have other members of their family that now or have been law enforcement officer also. A survey of a local sheriff’s department could help with the research as well as interviewing law enforcement officers via internet, phone or text. Reason for Questioning

The first set of questions that will be...
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