Gathering Blue

Topics: Human rights, Abuse, Universal Declaration of Human Rights Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The Violations of Human Rights as Seen In Gathering Blue

All humans are entitled to basic human rights, and therefore should not have discrimination, deception and abuse in their lives. Freedom of speech and equality are examples of human rights, but in Lois Lowry’s Gathering Blue, many characters are denied of these basic and simple rights. The main character in this novel, who must endure the most abuse and torment from her community, is named Kira. She was born with an amazing artistic talent but also with a deformed leg, which causes her to be distanced and ostracized by the community. The leaders in her community, also known as the Council of Guardians, discriminate against people who are ‘weak’ and they create the illusion that all people who are imperfect are of no value. The community leaders manipulate all the people in the community in order to gain control over them. Kira’s community doesn’t realize that they have no rights or freedom; they are slaves bond to the Guardians for life.

The Council of Guardians deceives society by creating the impression that anyone who is different or not strong enough to support themselves must be excluded from society. This includes women, children, sick and all disabled people, including Kira. This unfair treatment is known as discrimination, which occurs in the form of sexism and prejudice. Women in the society are forbidden of learning any sort of education and are not permitted to have any significant role in the community. Also a prejudice is created by the leaders in the community which encourages others to favour those who are strong and who can support themselves and to punish those who are deemed useless. Even though Kira is beautiful and has an outstanding artistic talent, she is regarded as being worthless because she cannot contribute to the community physically. The other community members tell her “we don’t want you here, you don’t belong in the village, you’re worthless with that leg”...
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