Gather and Proponents

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Data Gathering of Procedures and Analysis of Outputs
I. Methods of Research

Descriptive research describes a behavior or condition. The data are collected using questionnaires and interviews. The proponents conducted series of interview to the plant manager, asked how the payroll system of the asphalt plant works. To understand how the asphalt plant payroll system work the proponent used descriptive method.

II. Data Gathering Procedures

II.I Research Materials

The proponents used different research materials to support the study. Internet was used and other thesis works to gather more ideas. Other thesis has been used as one of the research tools, browsing different ideas to support the study.

* Internet
The vast world of internet is also a big factor in research. The proponents search different sites in search of more information. The internet is used by the proponents to transfer the collected data, gathered and stored.

* Thesis works
Other thesis works were used to search information and has been used as a reference by the proponents. It provides different theory to create and design a system and it also provides different formats of thesis.

II.II Interview
Proponents performed interviews as one of the easiest way to gather information, the major problem and to come up to the best possible solution. By studying all the gathered information the proponents construct different ideas.

The proponents interviewed the plant manager, on how the payroll system of the company processed. The plant manager provides us how they deduct the salaries of regular and monthly employees and the documents regarding their company payroll system.

II.III Data Gathering
The gathered data helps the proponents to understand how the proposed system can be effective to the plant manager, accountant and to make the procedure easier and gives more accurate results. * Gathered Data

i. Payroll...
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