Gateway to Success in Internet Marketing

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The Gateway to Success - Internet Marketing Fundamentals

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This e-book is a collection of tested methodologies for building a sustainable network marketing organization from the ground up. It specifically will not teach you how to become a millionaire overnight - but it will guide you in your journey to developing a solid foundation for a residual, lifetime income. At various points in this manual, I will provide links to services that I use and recommend. However, I suggest that you do some comparison shopping for services that may better fit your style, personality, and budget. Building and maintaining an online business is not substantially different from doing the same with a traditional business. The primary difference is that it can be done a lot cheaper, thanks to the internet. The internet provides two important cost advantages over traditional businesses - the real estate is much less expensive, and you can reach a lot more people on a limited advertising budget. What this e-book covers: How to choose a product or service to market What you need to know about a start-up network marketing business Basic business management principles Funding your home-based-business How to develop an internet marketing strategy Financial management principles Personal development and self-motivation

Selecting the Right Business
This is probably the most crucial step in the process. Finding the right product or service to market will ensure that the organization you build will lead to a secure and permanent residual income. Consider carefully the following parameters when making your selection: Company management experience with integrity Research the company and the principals - you can do a Google search with the name followed by the word [scam] (in brackets, just as it appears) to get an idea of how reputable the company and the principals are. Keep in mind that even trustworthy people will generate some degree of negative feedback from disillusioned marketers. Don't be misled by the number of results you receive. Take a close look at a sampling of the results before you reach any conclusions. When you feel that you have targeted a potential opportunity, contact the company directly and ask for copies of their Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, and the Compensation Plan. No reputable company should have any issue with providing this information before you...
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