Gastritis: Lifestyle Change and Medications

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Lifestyle or medication

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March 9, 2012
Itta Aswad

Lifestyle or medication

The gastrointestinal disease that I chose is gastritis. This is a disease that I am at risk for. I use aspirin, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. I have used these for many many years, and have no plans to stop now. This is generally accompanied by stomach pains and hematemesis. None of these symptoms I have had yet. People can cut out all of the irritants that can cause gastritis. Such as tobacco, alcohol, aspirin, coffee, and anything that can cause gastritis infections. I know that it is hard to break some if not all bad habits. Most of the time it is stress that leads us to do these things, and with stress comes a lot of other problems, like the bad habits that we pursue after we get stressed. Some stressor’s still hang around for years and years. Some people just have stressful jobs that require bad habits, most of the time it keeps you from losing your head. Lifestyle changes are not easy to make. We get into our own systems that work for us. When we need to change our lifestyle, it is usually for the better. But we all know how hard old habits are to break. So things that can make these changes difficult are moving on, and leaving things in the past. Some of the things that cause gastritis are inherited from our parents such as smoking, drinking, coffee and things of that nature. Change is not easy for anyone, so for some to change what they have been doing for decades or many years just cannot happen overnight. The only thing that others can do to help is to support them; it is going to be a hard thing to change. It is worth it in the end. Strategies that can help overcome these habits and ease you into change are to think of the positive side to living healthier, and does not give into temptations. It is hard to change but find a motivation to quit, set goals, and have supportive people around you. Lifestyle change cannot harm you like some prescriptions can, so...
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