Gastric Bypass Surgery

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  • Published : April 30, 2006
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Gastric-Bypass Surgery

Gastric-bypass surgery is a life altering operation. This procedure is very difficult on the human body but can yield amazing results. It is possible to lose tremendous amounts of weight in an incredibly short time. Should every morbidly obese person resort to this surgery? Do they have any other plausible options? Does society and the media make this surgery more attractive to the moderately overweight population? Although there are some drawbacks to this surgery, it ultimately provides liberation for obese people who otherwise would be destined to a sedentary life.

If gastric-bypass surgery provides immediate weight-loss, then why doesn't every morbidly obese person who can afford this procedure opt to have this operation? Do the risks of the surgery outweigh the risks of being morbidly obese? According to the Columbia University Department of Surgery, "Patients who are morbidly or severely obese are at increased risk for health problems and tend to have a shortened life span. There is also added potential risk from continued weight increase. The risk of severe obesity is greater than that of its surgical treatments." With this information, why would the morbidly obese people decide against this surgery? "I think that a lot of patients that are seeking bariatric(gastric-bypass) surgery have some level of fear… that can be fear of the unknown," states Dr. Reto, Ph.D. So is this fear so great that patients decide to stay in their current shape and situation? With all of the information regarding gastric-bypass surgery available, it is hard to believe that some would rather stay immobile or greatly handicapped with this option available.

What other options are available to the overweight community? Dieting, exercise, pills and supplements are all routes that some people try. Do these really work? Almost all physicians and healthcare specialists suggest to first try the natural approach to weight-loss. But it is not always an...
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