Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry

Topics: Air pollution, Air Quality Index, Pulmonology Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Assess air quality conditions for a Canadian location known to have pollution, using air quality and health indexes. Report on the level of pollution and any effects or plans to mitigate it.

Everyday humans use a variety of objects to satisfy ones needs. These objects however often produce byproducts. The byproducts that are produced go into the atmosphere and affect the air quality. Big cities tend to have higher air quality indexes (AQI) than small towns. This is because of the larger populations. At night the AQI is lower, because most people are asleep at that time. Therefore the size of the population and the time that the AQI is measured at affects the results of the test.

According to the Ministry of the Environment an AQI rating of 0-15 is very good, 16-31 is good, 32-49 is moderate, 50-99 is poor and 100+ is very poor. On Wednesday November 21, 2012 at 8:00am the AQI in Ottawa was 26. Therefore according to the Air Quality Index Categories, Ottawa had a good AQI. At the same times Toronto had an AQI of 14, Kitchener and AQI of 25, Brampton an AQI of 8 and downtown Hamilton and AQI of 11. This shows that the larger the population of a city, the higher the air quality. When looking at charts that show the trends in the AQIs throughout the day, the AQI is lower in the morning and quickly increases until around noon and then steadily decreases until midnight.

The level of air quality affects ones quality of life. A poor air quality may results in one having a variety of diseases and/or illnesses. Poor air quality can affect many things, but it most often affects ones respiratory system and cardiovascular system. Ones reaction to air quality depends on the type of pollutants that are present in the air, ones health, genetics and age. A person that exercises outdoors on hot smoggy days is more likely to have health problems than a person that exercises indoors on hot smoggy days. The effects of air pollutants can range from slight biochemical and...
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