Gas Turbine Theory

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Multiple chamber this type of combustion chamber is used on centrifugal engines. It is constructed of chambers positioned radially around the engine; air is directed by ducts into each individual chamber. Every chamber has an inner flame tube where there is an air casing. and the separate flame tubes are all inter connected this allows each tube to operate at the same pressure and allows combustion to spread around the flame tubes during engine start.

Annular Chamber This type of combustion chamber just uses of a single flame tube, which is contained in an inner and outer casing. The main advantage of the annular combustion chamber is that for the same power output, the length of the chamber is only 75 per cent of that of a can-annular system, resulting in a saving in weight and cost. The pressure leaks in this combustion chamber are lower regarding a can annular chamber with remarkable benefits on the engine thermodynamic cycle

Turbo annular chamber- An arrangement in which flame tubes are laid out within the casing resulting in weight reduction and an ease-of-construction advantage. Airflow control is also better with this arrangement.

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Impulse turbine- these turbines change the direction of flow of a high velocity fluid jet the resulting impulse spins the turbine and leaves the fluid flow with diminished kinetic energy.

Reaction turbines- these turbines develop torque by reacting to the fluid pressure or weight. The pressure of the fluid changes as it passes through the turbine rotor blades.

Task P8

B) Creep is permanent growth over time of component operating at very high temperatures and steady stress levels. Changes in size alter clearances and eventually creep will cause rapture or failure. Creep is an irreversible failure. The turbine blade in the photograph cracked due to creep ,creep is deformation of a material subjected to tensile stresses at high temperature

C) Film cooling- is a type of turbine blade cooling system....
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