Gas Station Uml Diagram

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Gas Station Project
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Program Description
This was a semester-long project from my software engineering class at UNO. The goal of this project was to create a gas station management software package using the classic waterfall development lifecycle. Some of the requirements that needed to be met were: the ability to control gas pumps, keep track of in-store inventory, and provide communication between station employees and the head office management. This project was not so much an exercise in programming as it was in software design documentation. That is to say, the bulk of this project was a compilation of 5 design documents amassed into a 100+ page folder. More specifically, this project was separated into 5 phases. What follows is a description of my role in this team and comprehensive description of each phase (the original MS word .doc file for each phase is also available in the links below). My Role in the Team

My team for this project consisted of three other classmates, only one of whom I knew prior to the creation of the group, and myself. Our group creation was completely arbitrary; we got to pick our groupmates. One of my groupmates was well versed in PHP and MySQL, so he was, early on, placed in charge of coding the project (which wasn't that much work because it was a prototype). My other two groupmates and myself were in charge of the documentation. Leadership of our group was assumed by one of my documentation groupmates, but as the project began, it became apparent through the grades we were receiving on group assignments that a change needed to be made. Thus, I assumed leadership by offering be the "central" repository for our project documents. So, my other two groupmates sent me any documents that they created and I would go over them, add and remove content, and make suggestions regarding changes...
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