Gas Prices

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Zaneh Milad

College Essay

There is only one to many things that inspires a person. One to many things a person wants to be. One to many things people need, want, have, see in life. The amazing thing about life is you learn everyday, see the truth about life, and experience change. When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a model because I loved fashion, clothes, and hair but things changed. I grew up, seen things differently, wanted more in life, and wanted change. My life time dream and goal is to be a lawyer and change the world.

Growing up all I hear from my mom is one important thing in life is education, education, education and stuck to my head. Unfortunately, my family is not the typical family. I have a big messed up family, different dads and moms but the great thing about us is we stick together and take care of each other. Everybody is there for the other in times of needs, which is a good thing. Not everyone is successful in my family, matter of fact I'll be the first to finish high school. Not only did my mom stick it in my head but I actually like school, I like to learn. Everyday in school is a new thing for me, it is interesting and inspiring for me. When I learn a new thing, I feel happy and want to tell everyone.

There is many reason why I want to become a lawyer. One of the most important reason is to change the way people receive justice. The thing that inspired me the most is what I seen with my eyes. Whether it was real life or on television, I wanted to change not only for me but for others and their loved ones. I always felt people were getting the wrong justice or not enough justice. Another reason is for my mom, she always hoped and dreamed that one of her children would finish school and become a doctor or something. I always wanted to make her happy and put a smile on her face because she deserves it. My mom raised 9 kids on her own, suffered it keep us happy and alive, lost her mom to cancer at the...
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