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essay on pak iran gas pipeline
The Iran–Pakistan gas pipeline, also known as the Peace pipeline,is a under construction pipeline to deliver natural gas from Iran to Pakistan.

introduction background

The idea was conceived by a young Pakistani civil engineer Malik Aftab Ahmed Khan in mid 1950s, when an article of his was published by the Military College of Engineering, Risalpur. The article Persian Pipeline also mentioned the method for its protection along the hostile territory by establishing mini battalion-size cantonments along its proposed route through Baluchistan/Sindh.The project was conceptualized in 1989 by Rajendra K. Pachauri in partnership with Ali Shams Ardekani, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran. Pachauri proposed the plan to both Iranian and Indian governments in . The government of Iran responded positively to the proposal. At the 2012 annual conference of the International Association of Energy Economics, Ardekani backed Pachauri's proposal. Discussions between the governments of Iran and Pakistan started in 1994. A preliminary agreement was signed in 1995. This agreement foresaw construction of a pipeline from South Pars gas field to Karachi in Pakistan. Later Iran made a proposal to extend the pipeline from Pakistan into India. In February 1999, a preliminary agreement between Iran and India was signed.

In 2004 the project was revived after the UNDP's report Peace and Prosperity Gas Pipelines by Gulfaraz Ahmed was published in December 2003. The report highlighted benefits of the pipeline to Pakistan, India and Iran.[citation needed] In February 2007, India and Pakistan agreed to pay Iran US$4.93 per million British thermal units (US$4.67/GJ) but some details relating to price adjustment remained open to further negotiation.

In April 2008, Iran expressed interest in the People's Republic of China's participation in the project. In August 2010, Iran invited Bangladesh to join the project. In 2009, India withdrew from the...
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